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Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated service provider since its inception in 1958. Our company began at the county home in Randolph County, North Carolina. County Commissioners were seeking a couple with whom they could invest their confidence to efficiently operate Randolph Rest Home in Asheboro. Arthur Vernon “Cap” Burrow and Mabel Burrow were chosen for the responsibility of overseeing the daily lives of 31 persons with developmental disabilities and mental illness. 


The children of Mr. and Mrs. Burrow grew up in the home and developed relationships with the residents. All of the children became adept at communicating with residents with behavioral issues or who needed medical attention. As the children matured, they became responsible for primary health or mental health appointments with the residents. They sat up during the night with people who were ill as well as cooked, cleaned and provided personal care. It was only natural that the children of Mr. and Mrs. Burrow would later assume the full responsibility of the business.


Leading Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. today are second generation administrator Kenny Burrow and third generation Administrator Dean Wilson. Over fifty years after the company’s founding, our leadership team continues to guide the company in providing services that are comprehensive and person centered. 


Therapeutic Alternatives has been assertive and unwavering in complying with the North Carolina mental health systems expectations and while doing so, has concluded that the mental health profession has come full circle and back to the foundation upon which Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. was built: individual choices, homelike atmospheres and community involvement.


Therapeutic Alternatives is nationally accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership.


Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. is a health care agency that provides services for people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and/or substance abuse problems. The following cultural competency and diversity plan includes the steps to be taken to promote and ensure the equal, charitable and judicious administration of human services by a culturally competent workforce. This plan shall be reviewed annually and revised as needed.
Since its beginning in 1958 with the licensing of Randolph Rest Home, the founders of Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. have actively promoted and ensured services that respect each individual as a valued member of the community. From the beginning, every effort has been made to acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge essential to assure the wellbeing and satisfaction of diverse people. We define diversity as the respectful inclusion of race, color, age, physical and mental ability, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, and gender identity. To assure a well-informed and culturally respectful environment throughout this agency, Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc. will do the following:                                                                  
1.      By hiring people of diverse backgrounds to administer services for people of diverse backgrounds, this agency will continue to maintain an equitable environment of trust and respect by integrating varied social, cultural and intellectual perspectives in our interactions with personnel and with the people we support.
2.      Since language is the foundation upon which communication is dependent, we will provide an interpreter for people we support who do not speak English.
3.      In order to promote understanding cross culturally, this agency will provide diversity training for employees by a person who has a degree and qualifications in the field of social studies.
4.      A cultural competency and diversity plan will be written and communicated annually to staff, people supported and community partners.
A tradition of equitable practices is at the heart of our thoughts and actions as we continue to do our part in helping to create a better world through acknowledgement of and respect for diverse beliefs and customs. Therefore, discrimination will not be condoned by this agency. Any harassment or intimidation directed toward clients or employees because of their diversity will be considered grounds for disciplinary procedures.

We strive daily to fulfill our mission: to deliver comprehensive human services that empower people to achieve their goals in life.

The Cap and Mabel Burrow Foundation is a non-profit agency that works throughout the year to provide support to meet the medical and social needs of people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and addictive diseases.


Cap and Mabel Burrow founded Therapeutic Alternatives in 1958 when they began operation of the Randolph County Home at the request of the county commissioners. The Foundation was created in an effort to help meet the unmet needs of people receiving services.


The Foundation is supported by private donations. The Foundation partners with local agencies throughout the year to help meet unmet needs.


For more information about the Foundation, contact 336-495-2700.



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